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Absurdities: Teach Your Children Well (6)

May 27th, 2009 Posted in Absurdities

Hey, let’s take the kids away from their parents if mom and pop happen to express politically incorrect ideas which the innocent kids take to school!

The Winnipeg Free Press reports that “a Winnipeg woman accused of raising her children to be hateful racists says that just isn’t the case.  The mother, who cannot be identified under Manitoba law, says her daughter appears to have been coaxed by social workers into saying that she was taught to hate visible minorities.  Manitoba Child and Family Services is trying to gain permanent care of the girl and her younger brother, who were seized after the girl showed up at school with racist symbols on her body.  The parents are fighting to regain custody of their children.”

A lot of parents (because they are people) have stupid ideas, and may even be teaching their children such crazy ideas as all those who are not of the same religion are evil and deserve to burn in hell or that one’s complexion determines one’s worth.  But who would raise these kids–– and what a mess they’d make of the children––if they were handed over to the even stupider governmental bureaucrats?  One shudders to think!

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