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Absurdities “Environmentalists Plan Coup” (5)

September 6th, 2008 Posted in Absurdities

At the “Annual Freedom (sic) 21 Conference” a variety of frightening conspiracies were warmly welcomed, but in some ways the strangest one was that environmentalists were planning a revolutionary coup to set up a police state where humans will be crowded into small enclaves surrounded by protected wilderness areas where homo sapiens will be forbidden entry.

“Earth Worship:  Environmentalism Seen as Police State Precursor” a report by Janet Smith for Intelligence Report (SPLC News) “Environment is not about saving nature,” the founder of Freedom Advocates, Michael Shaw, sternly warned an audience of antigovernment “Patriots” and far-right conspiracy theorists during a mid-July conference. “It’s about a revolutionary coup in America. [Environmentalism] is to establish global governance and abandon the principles of Natural Law.” Sustainable development policies, Shaw argued, will require “a police state” and ultimately “turn America into a globally governed homeland where humans are treated as biological resources.”

So the trees (or rather the tree-huggers) are going to fence us in?  We are going to be the creatures in a zoo?  And the real endangered species are free-range humans, threatened by a cabal of environmentalists?  Unfortunately, like most conspiracy theories this one has as its source in a tiny seed of truth. Yes, there are crazy, even dangerous, extremists in the environmental movement, just as there are real conspirators in any government.  But a few tree-spikers represent a pretty small danger compared to that presented by global climate change and decreased biodiversity.  I have difficulty imagining all those scientists who are warning us about our suicidal exploitation of the planet’s resources trading in their lab coats for camouflage jackets and heading out to rage guerrilla warfare on the oil and lumber companies—and their stockholders one suspects comprised a sizable portion of the “Freedom” Conference audience.

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