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Absurdities: “Organic” Politicians (4)

August 28th, 2008 Posted in Absurdities

At the Toronto Zoo the only food available is MacDonalds products.  At the 2008 Republican and Democratic conventions the only snack food available is Organic Food Bar(TM) products“.  Hmmm.

Organic Food Bar(TM) Products to be the Only Consumer Brand at Both 2008 Political Conventions: World’s Best Selling Organic Bar Successfully Crosses Party Lines “As we are underway on the most heavily-anticipated political conventions in a generation, the candidates Barack Obama and John McCain — and the political parties they represent — differ on everything from the economy and health care to energy and the war in Iraq. But, both parties agree on one thing: Organic Food Bar(TM) products — the only consumer brand to appear at the Democratic National Convention in Denver from August 25-28 and the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis from September 1-4.  ‘We are over the moon about this,” said Dr. Jack J. Singh, founder and President of Organic Food Bar(TM), Inc. ‘We know Obama and the Dems and McCain and the GOP diverge on many points, but it’s good to know Organic Food Bar(TM) products are embraced by both parties! As Americans, we can have healthy debates and disagree, but we all agree on better health. And, Organic Food Bar(TM) products embody better health.’”  read.

What’s the difference here?  It’s which company won the bid for the monopoly concession.  No bananas (’organic’ or otherwise) at the Toronto Zoo and no Big Macs at the conventions.   I guess it’s good to keep the U.S. of A’s future leader healthy.  But wouldn’t a fish concession be better?  Isn”t fish supposed to be ‘brain food’ ?   They obviously need fish in their diets if they really share the belief that ‘organic’ foods’  are anything more than a marketing con job.

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